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Messer von Böker

Bereits im 17. Jahrhundert wurde von der Familie Böker Handwerkzeuge hergestellt. Heinrich Böker gründete zusammen mit Herman Heuser, einem sehr bekannten Schneidwaren-Fachmann, im Jahr 1869 Heinr. Böker & Co. Die Mitglieder der Familie Böker hatten weltweit Bedarf für Rasiermesser, Scheren und Taschenmesser von dem Unternehmen Heinr. Böker & Co.

Bereits 1900 nahm der US-Markt den größten Teil der Böker-Produktion ab. H. Boker & Co. in New York konzentrierte sich sehr stark auf die Schneidwaren aus Solingen. Die Taschenmesser überflügelten in ihrer Bedeutung bald die Scheren, Rasiermesser und Bestecke. Die Nachfrage wuchs rasant, so dass die Amerikaner ebenfalls begannen Taschenmesser zu produzieren. Später kamen Zangen hinzu. Seit dieser Zeit gab es zwei unterschiedliche Linien von Böker-Messern auf dem amerikanischen Markt: Das gleiche Markenzeichen, sogar manchmal die gleichen Artikel-Nummern, einmal Made in USA und einmal in Solingen. Nur das Gangzeichen sorgte für Klarheit; einmal Boker USA und einmal H. Boker Improved Cutlery Solingen.

Während des zweiten Weltkrieges wurde das Solinger Werk komplett zerstört. Schon bald nach dem Krieg kam neues Leben in die zerstörte Fabrik. Wer von den treuen Facharbeitern den Krieg überlebt hatte, kam zurück und half, Gebäude und Produktion wieder aufzubauen und langsam zu dem hohen Qualitätsstandard zurückzufinden. Die Kontakte zu den amerikanischen Vettern wurden wieder aufgebaut und in wenigen Jahren wurde Boker, New York wieder Hauptabnehmer.

Anfang der sechziger Jahre wurde Boker USA verkauft und nach mehrfachem Wechseln von dem bekannten Scherenhersteller Wiss & Sons übernommen. Anfang der siebziger Jahre verkaufte Wiss an Cooper Industries, einem multinationalen Konzern. Cooper baute durch seiner Marktkraft den Böker-Namen wieder zu seiner ursprünglichen Größe aus. Dank der sehr regen Geschäftstätigkeit mit Cooper war man in Solingen in der Lage, die Produktion zu rationalisieren und neue moderne Produkte zu entwickeln.

Heute stellt das Baumwerk ohne Übertreibung das breiteste Sortiment an hochwertigen Sport- und Sammlermessern her, mit einer unübertroffenen Vielfalt an Materialien für Klingen und Griffe. Erst vor kurzem wurde die Böker Messerpalette erweitert durch eine Kooperation mit Jim Wagner. Der amerikanische Kampfkunst- und Messerkampfexperte hat zusammen mit Böker, basierend auf dem von ihm entwickelten Reality-Based-System, eine Reihe von Messern entwickelt. Jim Wagner bietet in Zusammenarbeit mit Böker zahlreiche Lehrgänge an.

Bejuno Katana
The Magnum Bejuno is a premium katana, richly decorated in an authentic fashion. The wraps on the handle and sheath, Tsuka-Ito and Sageo, are a subtle beige. The Tsuba is colored black, gold and silver. Golden decorative lacquerwork created an appealing accent on the black sheath. The forged and ground blade of non-stainless carbon steel 1060 offers the necessary elasticity for shock- and shatter-resistance. It has a traditional fuller and a suggested Hamon line. Details: Overall length: 100,0 cm Blade length: 72,0 cm Weight: 1.003 g Blade thickness: 7,1 mm Blade material: Kohlenstoffstahl Handle material: Holz


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Gold Finger
For all lovers of the coveted precious metal. The complete design of the knife, the 440 stainless steel blade, the frame lock and the stainless steel handle-scales are completely anodized in golden color. Even the handy clip is shimmering in the color of the precious metal. Incl. lanyard hole. Details: Overall Length: approx. 19 cm Blade Length: approx. 8 cm Blade Thickness: approx. 2.7 mm Blade Material: 440 steel Handle Material: Stainless steel Weight: approx. 138 g


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Cataclyst Titan
As a combination of a modern EDC and a high-quality gentleman's knife, the Boker Plus Cataclyst convinces all along the line. The stable blade made of satin-finished D2 is opened by a ball bearing flipper and is provided with a flat grind and a double-sided groove. It is reliably locked by a reinforced Framelock. Jimpings in the area of the thumb rest and on the spacer further increase work safety. The straight-lined design is equipped with handle scales made of high-strength titanium, which are milled three-dimensionally and have weight-reducing recesses on the inside. The robust handle and deep-carry clip (tip-up/r), also milled from solid three-dimensionally, are finished with a matte beadblast finish. With lanyard hole and a high-quality nylon pouch for storage. Details: Overall length: 17,3 cm Blade length: 7,5 cm Weight: 77 g Blade thickness: 4,0 mm Blade material: D2 Handle material: Titan Lock: Framelock


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Magnum Collection 2024
Only a rough headwind gives passion the necessary push to look up and grow. From the first sketch to the finished product, the road is rocky, with setbacks along the way. A path that Andreas Schweikert knows only too well. The master blacksmith, Andreas Schweikert, from Talheim in Baden-Württemberg, has made knives by hand since his youth. For the Magnum Collection 2024, Boker was able to recruit the cutler from the Swabian Alb to continue the successful history of the Magnum annual knives in a worthy manner. Limited to 1999 pieces worldwide, the drop-forged collector's knife is designed as a compact outdoor knife with an integral construction and was largely inspired by the classic hunting knives. The Boker Magnum Collection 2024 is the perfect balance between showcase and outdoor adventure. Limited to 1999 pieces worldwide, this drop-forged collector's knife is designed as a compact outdoor knife with an integral construction and was largely inspired by classic hunting knives. It is characterized by the satin-finished 440 drop-point blade, whose attractive ricasso merges into a wider blade spine towards the handle for maximum stability. In keeping with this, the pronounced bolster echoes the silhouette of the classic hunting knife. The handle made of stabilized curly maple with a distinctive pommel provides a tactile pleasure. The stony path becomes the ideal line, the headwind becomes a tailwind, the Boker Magnum Collection 2024 the perfect balance between showcase and outdoor adventure. The annual knife comes in an elegant wooden box with a high-quality, dark brown leather sheath and a certificate of authenticity. Details: Overall length: 23,0 cm Blade length: 10,5 cm Weight: 148 g Blade thickness: 5,0 mm Blade material: Forged 440 Handle material: Riegelahorn Designer: Andreas Schweikert Lock: Feststehend


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Border Forest Folder
The Böker Border Forest Folder pocket knife is a versatile and reliable tool for everyday use and outdoor use. With a total length of 19.9 cm and a weight of 100 g, it fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to transport.The blade of the Border Forest Folder Knife has a length of 8.6 cm and a thickness of 3.0 mm. It is made of robust 440A stainless steel, which offers good edge retention and corrosion resistance. The sharp blade enables precise cutting tasks and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Details: Total length: 19.9 cm Blade length: 8.6 cm Weight: 100g Blade Thickness: 3.0mm Blade Material: 440A Handle Material: Micarta Closure: button lock


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Connector G10
The handy Boker Plus Connector unmistakably bears the signature of the Polish knifemaker Jakub Wieczorkiewicz, who is now known throughout the world for his modern folders under his brand name Poltergeist Works. Full order books, perfect workmanship and individual implementation mean that his handcrafted pieces fetch top prices internationally. The Connector is a compact EDC with a ball-bearing Wharncliffe blade made of D2, which is opened by a removable thumb stud and reliably locked by a sturdy linerlock. The handle scales made of non-slip G10 with an impressive texturing always lie securely in the hand, while jimpings on the back of the blade additionally increases work safety. Supplied with a decorative blade axle screw, a lanyard hole, a practical deep-carry clip (tip-up/r) and a high-quality nylon pouch for storage. Details: Overall length: 17,9 cm Blade length: 7,6 cm Weight: 78 g Blade thickness: 3,2 mm Blade material: D2 Handle material: G10 Designer: Poltergeist Works Lock: Linerlock


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Swiss Dagger Mosaic Damascus
As early as the 15th and 16th centuries, the Swiss dagger was used as a common weapon by Swiss pikemen and, due to its blade length, often occupied a middle position between dagger and sword. The dagger, also known as a baselard, usually served as a secondary weapon and was usually not issued as equipment, but had to be procured privately by the soldiers.The extraordinary Twisted Damascus is now followed by the Mosaic Damascus, which is also very complex to manufacture. It is one of the royal class of Damascus forging and makes the impressive dagger an absolute highlight in every knife collection. In contrast to conventional Damascus, no layers are produced in the manufacture of Mosaic Damascus. Instead, complex Damascus bars are forged by hand into a mosaic in an elaborate and very complicated process. To do this, the Damascus package, which initially consists of stacked layers, is cut up and reassembled in a staggered manner to create a unique mosaic pattern at the end faces of the bar. The Damascus is then cut up again and the complex process is repeated several times, the resulting pattern becoming finer and more unique with each step. Finally, the individual packages are stacked and forged in the shape of a square so that the ends of the individual pieces form a new surface. Forging temperature, forming, deformation rate and the previous steps must be optimally coordinated. This extremely demanding forging process, which only few Damascus smiths master, is carried out to perfection for our Swiss dagger by Chad Nichols.The dagger blade, sharpened and pointed on both sides, already had a diamond-shaped cross-section in historical models, because this construction proved to be extremely stable and effective. Characteristic of the Swiss Dagger is the design of the pommel and the crossguard. The unusual, curved design can be traced back to the early 13th century and can also be found in the authentic design of our hand-made edition. The shimmering dark handle made of hand-picked certified imported Ebony is bordered by the highly polished pommel and the crossguard and forms a perfect unit with the fine blade.The leather sheath, specially designed and handsewn for this model, underlines the exclusivity of this coveted collector‘s item. It is delivered with an individual serial number in a noble wooden box and with a certificate of authenticity. Handmade in the Boker Knife Manufactory Solingen and strictly limited to 500 pieces worldwide.


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Urban Trapper Jigged Titanium
Brad Zinker always manages to uncover new facets of the popular Boker Plus Urban Trapper. As a master of his craft, the US knife designer knows better than anyone how to reinvent the existing designs of the gentleman's knife with clever combinations of materials. The Boker Plus Urban Trapper Jigged Titanium comes with a flat-ground and ball-bearing VG-10 blade with hairline finish, which opens by flipper and is secured by the robust linerlock. A modern accent is set by the handle made of titanium, which has an eye-catching pore pattern. This not only places the knife right up front visually, but also significantly enhances the feel of the pocket-knife. The stainless steel clip allows for tip-up (r) carry and has a stonewash finish. Details: Overall length: 19,6 cm Blade length: 8,9 cm Weight: 78 g Blade thickness: 2,5 mm Blade material: VG-10 Handle material: Titan Designer: Brad Zinker Lock: Framelock


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Made from genuine neat´s leather, high-quality material and processing.Suitable for knives up to 12 cm hilt length.


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Böker Plus Urban Survival
News from Jim Wagner. With a total length of 14,4 cm and a blade length of 4 cm this Urban Survival Knife offers a maximum of ergonomic. The knife is very slim and has a scalpel shape blade. Details Total length 14,4 cm Blade length 4 cm Thickness 2,5 mm Weight 27g


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